Ridge to Reef works with global travel consultants worldwide who assist prospective travelers find experiences that match their needs and interests. Our ambassadors strategically place individuals and groups of all ages into niche trips that ensure an authentic Caribbean experience while making a valuable contribution to the places visited. Our specialists at Ridge to Reef work effectively with international companies to design an itinerary that’s perfect for your travelers, and includes transfers, meals, and accommodation to suit your traveler preferences and budget.

Our travel partners have connected individuals and groups with projects that serve the ecosystems and communities in which TIDE works, such as preserving the endangered manatee population, monitoring biodiversity and working on education and outreach programs. Find out more about the opportunities available here.

With our range of programming being so diverse and flexible, we are able to tailor our programs to serve your needs, whether you are looking to place individuals, groups, students or families on service-lead travel experiences.

We partner with travel service providers throughout Belize, so that we can provide the best possible Belizean experience for your guests, whatever their interests. This includes partnering with other non-governmental organisations and service projects throughout the country.

We welcome the opportunity to host you in Belize for a familiarization tour and show you the opportunities available for your guests!

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